My Thoughts on Music

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I have always loved music, since I was a little girl and told my preschool teachers that I wanted to be an opera singer when I grew up! Sadly, I didn't have the lungs, but the violin has been quite fulfilling enough for me.

Recently I was reading a book about finding the work you love, and the author mentions the importance of creative expression in order to make one feel happy about their work/ career. However, if one does not have practice being creatively expressive, it can be quite hard to just turn that switch on all of a sudden!

Such is why I believe that studying the arts is one of the most important activities for personal sense of well-being and fulfillment, and a pursuit that can be done on any level, at any age, and by those who speak any language. Music is so universal, so culturally explanatory, and is so beautiful an art in that although there may be one version of it captured on paper, th