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B i o g r a p h y

Isabelle is a graduate of Wittenberg University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music. She has performed with the Johnstown Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Nashville Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the Wittenberg University Chamber Orchestra. She has studied with some of the most prestigious violinists in America, including Virgilio Joven, Klara Berkovich, Professor James Lyon of Penn State University, Ara Sarkissian, and Dr. Elizabeth Hofeldt of the Dayton Philharmonic. 


In 2011, she performed a recital at Wittenberg University's Krieg Hall including the Mozart Violin Sonata No. 18 and Vittorio Monti's Czardas. In 2012 performed her first full-length solo recital, highlights of which were the Cesar Franck Sonata for Violin and Piano and Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 8. 


While earning her degree in music, Isabelle studied the violin daily and worked with her violin instructor on a weekly basis.  She studied advanced music theory, sight-singing, and keyboarding, and also took advanced, writing-intensive courses in music history, spanning medieval music to the post-tonal era.


When she was a camp counselor at Interlochen Center for the Arts,  Isabelle realized how much she enjoyed working with children. This ability has helped her work well with even very young violin students.  


Aside from classical music, she enjoys playing jazz, classic country, and pop. The most recent band she was involved with is the North Creek River Band, which performs pieces by such country greats as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson at several concerts throughout the year at the Clifton Opera House in Clifton, Ohio. 


 Isabelle now performs as a soloist and with ensembles at weddings, in church and community events in addition to providing violin instruction.  She enjoys substitute teaching and conducting for the Flagler Youth Orchestra, encouraging young players to get the most out of their experience with music.  Most recently, she performed as a member of the Nittany Valley Symphony in April, 2023. 



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