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Being thankful for music

Music has been part of my life since my first memories. I remember lying in my crib as a baby listening to opera. I remember my mother playing Edith Piaf and Dean Martin as I played outside in the summer. I remember singing as my favorite aspect of school programs and church services. I remember music and dancing as the best parts of college parties. And singing the Star Spangled Banner as what brings Americans together.

Around this time of year, high school seniors are deciding where to go to college, and for those who play instruments whether they will major in music. For college seniors, they are deciding whether to pursue a career in music when they graduate in six months. My advice is, if you have the option to be granted a scholarship to study music in college or elsewhere, take it. If an opportunity opens to pursue a career in music, take it. Whether or not you stay in music as your primary career, it will always benefit you in more ways than one.

Music brings people together, from different economic, cultural and religious backgrounds. In music, it doesn't matter what you look like, how old you are, or what language you speak. I am thankful everyday that we've been given the gift of music in this life, and hope that all those who both create and appreciate it take the time to support it and anyone you know who is a musician throughout the year.

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