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Happy independence day! Our music, our national anthem, define our nation. Through good and bad times, love and loss, war and peace, the Star Spangled Banner has been with us as Americans. Around the world, nations are bound together and celebrate their victories in international competitions through use of their national anthems.

We may not always agree with the direction our countries are going as individuals, but we can still feel pride in our nations through our beloved anthems and music that reflect our history and celebrate what brings us together.

May we never forget the great sacrifices by all those in our past who have fought the good fight for what they thought was the best use of time and life force for the good of our nation's future. Whether these individuals have been in the military, nonprofits, public service, private business, or homemaking, our history is made up of a complex and diverse history of thinkers, dreamers and doers who we celebrate each Independence Day through our music that has been passed down and sang on this patriotic day.


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