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Art in the Digital and Global Age

Accessibility is a blessing and a curse. For artists, we are able to access so much at our fingertips whenever, wherever we want. It gives us the ability to share our art and learn from others in ways we couldn't before. But I think it also makes us lazy. When anything is too easily accessible, human nature's attitude toward it naturally becomes one of laziness. When, in our past, we had to create art in order to enjoy it, was it not more prevalent, original, and focused? When we had to meet someone face to face to enjoy each other's music, wasn't it more real and inspirational than over a computer screen?

Globally, is there a way for us to connect better with other cultures through music and art? I absolutely believe so. Can music help a child in a culture where he or she does not have access to clean water, has a chance of getting blown up while walking to her lesson, or does not have a quiet, safe place to practice her instrument? No. And these issues are not just overseas, children are unable to benefit from education in the arts right here in the U.S. due to extreme poverty and harsh living conditions.

We can't allow our dependency on technology take away our knowledge of real, physical action. We can't let the sad truth that not all children are able to enjoy the beauty of art right now let us give up hope that they might someday.

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