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No mistakes in music

In most parts of life, whether it is in relationships, work, finances, or how you care for yourself, there are true mistakes with consequences. Every day, we need to deal with the consequences of our actions, especially if the results produce negative results.

One of my favorite things about music is that there are no mistakes. Yes, if you have thousands of people watching you and your Carnegie Hall premiere makes a mess of the high notes in the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, this mistake would have negative results by potentially ruining your career, disappointing a lot of people who had faith in and invested in you, and not to mention feeling down about yourself for quite some time because of it. But music for fun, allows one to make all the mistakes in the world and still enjoy it.

So the next time you make a mistake in your practice or performance in a casual setting, don't beat yourself up about it. Enjoy that the consequences of this mistake are not severe, and that mistakes have to be made in order to improve.

Happy violining!


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