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Art and the Business World

This week's post is about the link between art and the business world. Those who are successful in business are not only expert data analysts or market researchers, but they also bring to their careers the qualities which the arts develop so well in us. These qualities include creative thinking, personal style, dedication, patience, and focus on achievement.

As a performing artist, one of the most valuable life experiences I have had is preparing for my full-length senior recital. Not only was this a great personal challenge for me, but the constant focus on improvement and attention to detail over the course of the months leading up to the recital carried over into other areas of my life also. Although often in the times leading up to a recital one feels discouraged and anticipates the whole ordeal to be finished, when it is finished the feeling of working towards such a high goal is missed.

You aren't living till you're working toward something, with that clear, shining goal in mind. And this is what every successful business man and woman knows as well.


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